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Protocol Stack - TheInternetOfValue

What will make our Venture Studio Scale?

A Technology Stack powered Operational Excellence

Protocol Stack - The InternetOfValue

The frictionless Capital movement (Value Exchange) is solved, so let's focus on the other two factors of production - labor and productivity to capture value better thus enabling us a better value redistribution.

Protocol Stack.png

Value Capture

Time is the most common factor across the globe and to everyone. This transaction layer protocol captures How that time is spent i.e. what it is spent on, and who is spending that time eventually leading to what's the worth of that time. This is a complementary protocol to value exchange protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, UPI, etc. Thus making us Fiat / Crypto agnostic.

ValueCapture - Protocol.png

Wellbeing Protocol

The Personal Context to the Time. This protocol quantifies wellbeing as a measure of Balance between Science and spirituality/Mysticism. Wellbeing ~ f ( Physiology, Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts, Habits, and Performance).

Wellbeing Protocol.png


The Organisational Context of Time. This Protocol enables sustainable decentralized organizations to be built. The protocol is a set of recommendations and rules that outline specific skilling, demand generation, and operational standards that can be adopted for a specific skill segment, irrespective of region, religion, gender, race, and any human-made categorizations. DAOcommons for "skill-based organization-building" is what HTTP is for the World Wide Web, SMTP is for emails and Bitcoin / UPI is for value exchange.

DAOcommons - Protocol - TheIoV.png
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