A decade ago, startups and products built communities but NOT anymore!

We are betting on Skill-based-Communities to build the Startups and Protocols of the Future!

Community is THE Product!

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About US

CommunityVentureStudio is pioneering the future of skill-based communities. We envision communities as the new age organizations - sustainable, progressively decentralized, and autonomous. Our mission is to empower these communities to thrive in a world where value is equitably distributed, and every member prospers.

The Why

Problems we solve

Changing Landscape of Venture Capital

With the evolution of VC dynamics, communities need guidance to position themselves effectively. We help communities understand and leverage the shifting VC landscape, ensuring they remain attractive to investors and stakeholders.


Trust in Decentralized Environments

In decentralized communities, building and maintaining trust can be challenging. We provide tools and methodologies to foster trust, ensuring smooth operations, collaboration, and a cohesive community environment.


Long-Term Sustainability and Resilience of Skill-Based Communities

Many communities face challenges in maintaining momentum and relevance over time. Our approach ensures that skill-based communities are not just trends but are built for longevity, adapting to changing environments and member needs.


Equitable Value Distribution in Communities

Traditional community models often fail to recognize and reward every member's contribution. We ensure that value is fairly distributed, acknowledging both tangible and intangible contributions, and fostering a sense of ownership and motivation among members.

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Decentralized Decision-Making and Autonomy

Centralized decision-making can stifle innovation and member engagement. We promote decentralized structures, empowering members to have a say in the direction and operations of the community, fostering a sense of belonging and collective ownership.

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The How

Our Approach

Financial Innovation

We harness pure finance to ensure that derivatives and labor equities are accurately captured, guaranteeing rightful compensation for value creators.

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Open Protocol Stack

Our protocols, including ValueCapture, DAOcommons, and the Wellbeing Protocol, provide the tools and mentorship communities need for equitable value distribution, operational excellence, and quantified, holistic well-being

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Operated by CommunityBuilders

Our team isn't just made up of experts; it's composed of passionate community builders who have been in the trenches, building and nurturing communities themselves. This hands-on experience ensures that we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of skill-based communities, allowing us to offer tailored solutions and guidance


Balanced Transparency

While transparency is crucial for trust and collaboration, we also recognize the importance of privacy and discretion. At CommunityVentureStudio, we strike a balance, ensuring that while operations are transparent and members are well-informed, sensitive information and individual privacy are always protected.


The Journey

Mission & Vision


To empower skill-based communities with innovative financial tools, open protocols, and hands-on mentorship, fostering decentralized decision-making, resilience, and long-term sustainability. We are committed to ensuring that every member prospers, value is equitably captured and distributed, and community builders' well-being is prioritized.


A world where skill-based communities thrive as the new-age organizations, ensuring equitable value distribution, sustainable growth, and holistic well-being for all members.

The Compass


Equitable Value Distribution

We believe in recognizing and rewarding every contribution, both tangible and intangible. Every member's effort is valuable, and we ensure that rewards are distributed fairly, fostering a sense of ownership and motivation.

Community is the Product

Communities are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize the needs, aspirations, and well-being of community members, ensuring that our strategies and actions align with their best interests.

Sustainable Growth

We advocate for long-term sustainability over short-term gains. Our focus is on building resilient, adaptable communities that can thrive in changing environments and stand the test of time.

Decentralized Empowerment

We champion decentralized decision-making, giving voice and power to every community member. By promoting autonomy and collective ownership, we foster innovation and a sense of belonging.

Holistic Well-being, Quantified

Beyond financial rewards, we prioritize the holistic well-being of community builders and members. We recognize that a thriving community is built on the foundation of mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy individuals.

Innovation & Adaptability

In a rapidly changing world, we value the ability to innovate and adapt. We continuously seek new methods, tools, and strategies to enhance community growth, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of community-building.

The Questions


Frequently asked questions answered

How is CommunityVentureStudio different from a typical startup accelerator?

Unlike traditional accelerators that focus on startups, we specialize in skill-based communities, ensuring they are financially sustainable, progressively decentralized, and autonomous.

Can there be multiple communities around the same skill?

Absolutely! Skills are vast and diverse, and there's room for multiple communities to coexist, each bringing its unique perspective and value.

What's the significance of your open protocol stack?

Our open protocol stack, while proprietary in its design, is open in its implementation. It ensures transparency, fairness, and autonomy in community operations, setting us apart from other accelerators. Our open protocol stack is a comprehensive framework that forms the foundation of our community-building approach. It includes ValueCapture for equitable value distribution, DAOcommons for operational excellence, and the Wellbeing Protocol to prioritize the holistic well-being of community members.

What is CommunityVentureStudio?

CommunityVentureStudio is a platform dedicated to nurturing, scaling, and empowering skill-based communities. We provide tools, resources, and mentorship to ensure communities are financially sustainable, operate with capital efficiency, and prioritize the well-being of their leaders.

How do you ensure the financial sustainability of communities?

We equip communities with proven strategies to generate revenue, ensuring long-term sustainability. Our ValueCapture protocol, in particular, provides a decentralized framework for capturing and distributing value within the community.

What does "well-being first" mean?

At CommunityVentureStudio, we believe that a thriving community starts with the well-being of its leaders. Our Wellbeing Protocol ensures that the mental, emotional, and financial well-being of community builders is always prioritized.

How can I join or collaborate with CommunityVentureStudio?

If you're passionate about a specific skill and wish to build a community around it, you can apply through our website. We're always open to collaborations that align with our mission and values.

Are there any fees associated with joining CommunityVentureStudio?

The specifics of fees or investments vary based on the nature and needs of the community. We recommend reaching out to our team for detailed information tailored to your community.

How does CommunityVentureStudio support skill-based communities globally?

With our global network finely tuned for skill-based communities, we foster collaboration, provide mentorship, and share best practices across borders, ensuring communities thrive no matter where they are based.

What kind of support can I expect as a community builder?

As a community builder, you'll receive hands-on mentorship, access to our open protocol stack, networking opportunities, and resources to ensure your community's growth, financial sustainability, and overall well-being.

How can I learn more about the protocols you use?

Detailed information about our protocols, including ValueCapture, DAOcommons, and the Wellbeing Protocol, is available on TheInternetOfValue. We also regularly host webinars and workshops for a deeper dive into these topics.
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